The Concerto Collection


Cabernet Sauvignon

Basso, made with hand-selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and nurtured in the finest oak barrels for a year, sings with a deep, resonant voice.
Cabernet Sauvignon is the world's best known red grape variety and resides at the top of the vineyard hierarchy. It is a "noble grape" that has traditionally yielded the best, most complex red wines in the world.
Our grapes are grown in the light, conducive soil of the Nashik Valley. They are gently picked at optimum maturity and processed with great care and humility.

Tasting Notes

Medium-bodied, ruby red in colour, Basso hints of blackcurrants and pepper. A pleasant whiff of toast gives way to touches of plum and blackberry. Oak and fruit find an equitable and pleasing balance.

Food Pairing

Basso complements Tandoori dishes, roast lamb and grilled meats in general. We also like it with soft, cow's milk cheeses. Serve at 16 - 18 ℃ and allow it to breathe in the glass for several minutes. Swirl, sniff and notice the changes with every sip.



Brio is made with the finest Shiraz grapes from the Nashik Valley and gently handled to enhance a liveliness moulded by a year in oak barrels.

The red Shiraz grape is grown all over the world, though it is called Syrah in some places. It thrives in India. Brio's medium body, spiciness and a hint of chocolaty sweetness pairs well with medium spicy dishes.

Our Shiraz is grown in the legendary Nashik soil that has produced grapes of the highest quality for millennia; the grapes are handpicked at peak maturity and processed with utmost care.

Tasting Notes

Medium bodied, purplish red in colour, Brio exhibits complex spiciness; predominantly black pepper, but tempered by the sweetening influences of blackberry and plum.

Food Pairing

Its cheeriness and lively freshness enhances white meats, pizza or pasta dishes. Serve Brio at 16 - 18℃ and allow it to breathe for a few minutes.